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    *Old* Skill Duel Scale


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    *Old* Skill Duel Scale

    Post by HAIR on Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:45 pm

    Basic Knowledge: out of 8
    Technical Knowledge: out of 8
    Wins ( 5 per duel they won): out of 15
    Deck Count (40-44): out of 15
    Deck Build: out of 5
    Playing Style: out of 8
    Creativity: out of 8
    Card Usage: out of 8
    Total: 75

    Slifer: 1-38

    Ra: 39-62

    Obelisk: 63-75

    There will be 3 duels in advanced unrated with this scale for Dorm placement

    Siding is allowed but only 1 deck for the entire test

    Decks not allowed- Meta, Anti- Meta, Lockdown, Swarm, OTK, FTK, Anti- Heal, Shooting Quasar Dragon

    For the purpose of this Academy the word "Swarm" - means getting 4 or more monsters on the field in a single turn

    The rule on Disconnects- 2 per test(for Any reason) once you reach 2 you are to duel A different tester and start over

    No Tester can duel a friend

    No decks are allowed on this list-


    Some links with more detail-




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