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    The Duel Con


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    The Duel Con

    Post by HAIR on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:29 am

    Part One - Intro

    The date July 9th 2012, time 12:44 pm, location a large convention center in

    the US. This convention center was currently the home of Duel- Con a large scale

    gathering of all things duel related including a Singles and Tag Team Tournament

    lasting over a full week. Aside from being hosted next to a hotel the center was split

    into 3 areas 1st dueling arenas this area was filled with Duelist Kingdom sized

    arenas for anyone’s use, 2nd a food court/ trading stands a place to relax in

    between duels and finally the center of the entertainment the open spaces with

    watchers stands for the tournaments themselves.

    However the first thing you see in this setting of thousands of people is a man in

    his early twenties with short black hair wearing a black tee and blue jeans (both of

    which look to big) briskly walking through the crowd. He finally stops and changes

    direction after seeing a man in a long beige rain coat with nearly shoulder length

    brown hair wearing brown oval rim glasses. "Do you plan on wearing that the entire

    tournament?" the man in the black tee asked. "Did we forget the four years of High

    School Drew?" the man in the rain coat asked. "Which part James? When you

    didn't show? questioned the man in the black tee. "No the part when I did I ended

    up wearing a coat" James said his eyes narrowed at Drew.

    They both had their backs to a wall and a sea of Duel Arenas in front of them. Just

    before Drew could answer they heard someone say "Now I summon Effect Veiler"

    they both looked up , the voice had come from the duel in front of them. First there

    was the duelist on the left he had a facedown Spell/ Trap card and Maiden of

    Macabre on the field in face up attack mode(1700 atk/ 0 def). Then there was the

    duelist on the right she had an Effect Veiler (which she has just summoned), a

    Spirit Reaper in face up defense mode, and a facedown defense monster with no

    Spells or Traps. "Ok and that is?" asked Drew. "A tuner" answered James. "Now I

    flip summon my level four facedown monster and tune it with my Reaper and Effect

    Veiler to synchro summon Stardust Dragon" James said under his breath. "What?"

    said Drew. "Now I flip summon my facedown Max Warrior and tune it along with my

    Spirit Reaper and Effect Veiler to summon Stardust Dragon and then attack!" said/

    commanded the duelist on the right. "I hate when you do that" said Drew turning as

    the first duelist's life points dropped to 0. "Really? I hadn't noticed" James said

    sarcastically as he turned to follow Drew.

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