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    Skill Duel Decks


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    Skill Duel Decks

    Post by MnRebel27 on Sun Jun 15, 2014 8:30 pm

    Skill Duel Decks must be made in a manner to fully reflect on the skill of the student.  Therefore, we have decided on these rules.

    HAIR wrote:Decks not allowed- Meta, Anti- Meta, Lockdown, Swarm, OTK, FTK, Anti- Heal

    For the purpose of this Academy the word "Swarm" - means getting 4 or more monsters on the field in a single turn

    Furthermore, decks that avoid the opponent's card effects with little to no drawback are banned.

    All of those deck types are banned because they don't take much thought or have a high chance of preventing a response to an effect.  Testers follow the same rules.


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