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    Post by HAIR on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:09 pm

    2 New things have been added-

    1. A Ice Rink- https://phoenixdueling.forumotion.com/t94-welcome-to-the-role-play-section

    2. The Island's Weather-

    New RP Info 20r07qr

    December- February
    Snows 3 to 6 inches a week(never more then 13 inches on the ground at a time)
    The First week in March the snow starts to thaw

    March- May
    By the second week in March the leaves and plants start turning Green again
    Rains Heavy everyday for about 6 hours

    June- August
    Rains lightly for an hour every other day

    September- November
    Leaves start turning colors(Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow) by first week in October and has a Harvest moon in the last week in October(When the moon has a Red tint)

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