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    Welcome to the Role Play section


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    Welcome to the Role Play section

    Post by HAIR on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:20 pm

    Alright this topic is a must read it gives details on any and all aspects on the Role Play section.

    The Academy itself- Is on an Island off the coast of New York and at the edge of the Eastern US time zone(on the East side of it)

    Island layout- The main building is in middle but from there the location of the other buildings and sites spiral out going in a clockwise motion(first one starts at roughly 3 O'clock next at 6 etc)

    List of Buildings in order from the center- Main Building(The Doctor's Office, Head Master's Office,   Library,  Cafeteria, The Duel Arenas,  Classroom), Slifer Dorm, Ra Dorm, Obelisk Dorm, Staff Dorm, Off Hours Building(The Arcade, Bowling Alley, Billiards Room, Pool side, The Ice Rink), The Garden, The Forest, The Waterfall,  The Boat Docks, The Beach,  The Light House

    RP Duels- There are different ways one can do this 1. have a real duel and copy it from that, 2. base it on a real duel in general, 3. plan/ talk it out with who your dueling as its happening ie via pm, or 4. have things play out as each post happens

    Of course there's no real way to do this and I know this is a Role play section but personally I think all the duels should have a certain amount of realism. By that I mean less one sided duels, drawing perfect cards for the situation, etc

    RP rooms- Alright once you've been put in a Dorm in the Academy you are able to post a Role Play room in the Dorm  topic that matches it, remember the rooms should be semi- real themselves ie no Pools in the middle of them and don't forget you would still be in a dorm building so watch the size

    RP characters- I made a post sticky and have a example up on what the Character post should be please only use the first one as an example(I have 4 that go about the Academy)

    Only post characters that will show up often/ in person ie I plan to have visitors but I will only give good details I won't be posting a Profile

    You can't use a character until they are cleared by me

    Please Don't make any comment for another persons Character

    Now on to Fictional cards I have made a topic titled "The Fictional Card Trunk" where all fictional cards that will be dueled with will be kept track of any that are just talked about don't have to be posted

    While Posting please keep this in mind to buy a new character/ new ability one must purchase it from the RP store-


    Well that's all so post and have fun  

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