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    The Garden


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    The Garden

    Post by HAIR on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:32 pm

    A place with plants from around the world

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    Re: The Garden

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:34 pm

    As lea walked around looking around at phoenix academy. he herd footsteps come up on him quickly. When he turned around he saw a man with what seemed to be a cloak on. "what do you want" asked lea. "But since you ask i just want a mortal body. And i see you have one so ill duel you for it."said the man "fine your on" said lea as he slid his deck out of his card box and placed it in his duel disk. "pathetic since i was the one who challanged you ill let you go first" said the man as a black duel disk with a deck all ready in it appeared. "fine then ill go" said lea drawing a card. "okay i discard one card to special summon my quickdraw synchron." said lea as he discarded his quillbolt hedgehog and special summoned his quickdraw. "then i special summon quillbolt to the field by its effect. then i synchro summon both quickdraw and quillbolt to bring out my junk archer. i then set two cards face down and end my turn" said lea. "my turn i activate the spell card known as the gates to the dark world. i then activate foolish burial to send my Grapha, the dragon lord of dark world to the graveyard then i play snoww, unlight of dark world. i then special summon grapha to the field by its effect and return snoww back to my hand and since im feeling nice ill end my turn" said the man

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