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    Classroom Rules Empty Classroom Rules

    Post by MnRebel27 on Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:14 pm

    Class rules have been made to make learning more fun and interactive!

    • Each teacher will post a one-on-one teaching request post so more motivated students can get some quality teaching time.
    • Classes end in challenges.  Completing a challenge will yield a Duel Point reward of 10 per Slifer Challenge, 20 per Ra Challenge, and 30 per Obelisk Challenge.
    • Classes will be more interactive by including videos.
    • When enough members are on, a duel will be held between a staff member and a student.  Other students can join the Watcher's Chat and everyone will be taught through the duel and chat.

    As of June 1 all Obelisk and Slifer classes are unlocked. Ra classes are locked because they need to be updated to include more information and be more challenging.  Questions and comments are allowed, however students must pm the teachers their challenge results, not post in the thread.  Due to staffing changes you must pm Mnslayer27 (me) for Obelisk Challenges, HAIR for Ra Challenges, or The_Batt for Slifer Challenges.  Posting the results in a topic will nullify the Duel Point reward and the post will be deleted.

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