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    Obelisk Class 1: Battle Phase

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    Obelisk Class 1: Battle Phase Empty Obelisk Class 1: Battle Phase

    Post by Laughing Luna on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:21 pm

    The Battle Phase, where the players make their attacks to destroy monsters and/or deal damage. Seems simple; but there's more to it than that, much more.

    There are four steps to the Battle Phase

      [1]Start Step:  Just like an Open State in the Main Phase, this step is entered when the Turn Player declares that they are entering the Battle Phase.  Both Players my activate Traps and Quick-Play spells or effects that state they can be activated at this time.  Of course, the Turn Player can always choose to end the Battle Phase and proceed to Main Phase 2.  Once you leave this step, you do not revert to it.

      [2]Battle Step:  This step is entered from the Start Step by simply declaring an attack.  The Turn Player retains Turn Player Priority to activate cards and effects that meet the timing.  After the Turn Player is finished activating effects (if any), they must pass priority to the defending player, who can now activate cards and/or effects that meet the timing (Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison, etc).  Once both the Turn Player and the opponent both pass priority, the chance to activate anything further is GONE and it is on to the next step.

      [3]Damage Step:  The most important step of the Battle Phase, this is where Damage is calculated and monsters are destroyed.  This step has the sub-step Damage Calculation, where the damage is dealt and monsters are determined destroyed or not.  If the attack target is face down, it is flipped up, and if it has a Flip Effect (Ryko, the Lightsworn Hunter) or a Pseudo-Flip Effet (Snowman Eater), it is applied after Damage Calculation; this prevents Flip Effect Monsters from targeting themselves (Like Penguin Soldier).  Only certain cards my be activated in this step.

      • Counter Traps because they are spell speed 3

    • Normal and Continuous Traps, Quick-Play Spells, Quick-Like Effects and Quick Effect Monster Effects that directly alter the ATK and/or the DEF of one or more monsters on the field.  These can only be activated up until the start of Damage Calculation.

    • Mandatory Trigger Effects

    • Flip Monster Effects (which are mandatory by nature)

    • Quick Effect Monsters that negate the activation of other cards or effects

    • Any card the specifically says it can be activated during the Damage Step

    • Cards that Konami/UDE said that may be activated during the Damage Step

    Cards that special summon other monsters when destroyed by battle activate and resolve during the Damage Step, but after Damage Calculation.  Meaning that things like Bottomless Trap Hole or Chaos Trap Hole can't be activated.It is at the end of the Damage Step when the monsters are removed from the field and sent to the grave or banished zone.  After this step, if you have another attack to declare, you re-enter the Battle Step and repeat until you choose not to attack or run out of attacks to declare.

      [4]End Step:  This step is reached when you are done attacking.  You can activate in this step any effects that can be activated during the Start Step.  This step is also referred to as "The end of the Battle Phase" and is where the effects of Gladiator Beasts and when Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon's effect to return to the field is activated.

    Your Challenge for this lesson is to give me a list of four cards that can be activated in each step.

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    Obelisk Class 1: Battle Phase Empty Re: Obelisk Class 1: Battle Phase

    Post by MnRebel27 on Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:38 am

    I am the current Obelisk Dorm Head, so pm Challenge results to me instead of Laughing Luna.  As an Obelisk Challenge, completing this task correctly shall award students 30 Duel Points.

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