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    Slifer - Rulebook #3: Monster Effects


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    Slifer - Rulebook #3: Monster Effects Empty Slifer - Rulebook #3: Monster Effects

    Post by MnRebel27 on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:56 pm

    Monsters are the key cards in Yugioh.  The vast majority of decks are based around them.  Below are pages from the rulebook explaining monster effects. Feel free to click on them to view at full size.


    Normal Monsters: No effects, generally have high ATK and/or DEF to compensate

    Flip Effects: Effects that activated when flipped face-up via Flip Summon, being attacked, or a card effect.

    Continuous Effects: Always active.

    Trigger Effect: A Monster Effect that activates on a special condition, like pulling the trigger of a gun.

    Ignition Effect: May only be used in the Main Phase by declaring its activation.

    Quick Effect: May be used in either player's turn.

    Slifer Challenge: Pm me with an example of a Normal Monster and examples of each kind of Effect Monster.  Explain why each monster has a ____ Effect.

    As a Slifer Challenge, completing this task correctly shall award students 10 Duel Points.

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