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    Slifer - Rulebook #1: Zones


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    Slifer - Rulebook #1: Zones Empty Slifer - Rulebook #1: Zones

    Post by MnRebel27 on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:30 pm

    Yugioh has several different zones for cards.  Manipulation of which zone a card is in can be very important, so it is imperative to familiarize yourself with each zone.  Below is an image of the basic game mat on Ygopro, along with numbers indicating each zone.

    1)Monster Zone
      -Monsters can be placed in...
    • Face-up Attack
    • Face-down (Set) Defense
    • Face-up Defense (Cannot Normal Summon a monster from the hand in this way)

    2)Spell/Trap Zone
    • Spells can be activated from the hand or Set
    • Quick-Play Spells may not be activated the turn they are Set
    • Traps can be Set from the hand and may not be activated the turn they are Set

    • Destroyed cards are sent to the Graveyard
    • The Graveyard is public knowledge

    4)Deck Zone
    -After resolving a card that requires to search the Deck, the Deck must be shuffled.

    5)Field Card Zone
    • Field Cards are placed here
    • Each player may have 1 active Field Spell
    • Field Spells are sent to the Graveyard when the controller chooses to place a new Field Spell.

    6)Extra Deck Zone
    • Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters may be placed here
    • Pendulum Monsters that are destroyed on the field or sent from the field to the Graveyard are placed face-up in the Extra Deck instead

    7)Pendulum Zones
    • Pendulum Monsters may be placed face-up in the Pendulum Zones as Spell Cards
    • a)Left Pendulum Zone: The Left Pendulum Scale of the Pendulum Monster is applied
    • b)Right Pendulum Zone: The Right Pendulum Scale of the Pendulum Monster is applied
    • For Pendulum rulings, read *insert link here*.

    Banished Zone
    • The Banished Zone is an unofficial term
    • There is no place on a standard game mat for the Banished Zone
    • The term "remove from play" is an old term for banish
    • Cards can only be banished via Cost or Effect

    Slifer Challenge: Pm me a scenario in which every zone except the Pendulum Zone is used in one turn.  For double the Duel Points, pm me a scenario in which a specific card traverses through every Zone (this will take multiple turns).

    As a Slifer Challenge, completing this task correctly shall award students 10 Duel Points.  Finishing the more difficult task will award 20 Duel Points instead.

    Slifer - Rulebook #1: Zones SevenDeadlySins_Sig

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