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    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014


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    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014 Empty oppinions on the new banlist for 2014

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 10:32 am

    All right if you have yet to notice konami has published the brand new banlist and personally i am very excited since two cards i have been wanting at two for a long time have finally become semi-limited those two cards you may ask is dark hole and honest why because those are two cards that i love very much just for there effects there is no other reason

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    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014 Empty Re: oppinions on the new banlist for 2014

    Post by MnRebel27 on Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:52 pm

    I think having Honest at two is bad. Archetype-specific versions of Honest are alright, or a more specific and weaker version such as Gem Merchant are fine. However, Light monsters are incredibly common. Semi-limiting Honest will just make Light decks even more powerful.

    Dark Hole is perfectly fine being semi-limited, and could even be unlimited. The meta has evolved so that most cards float (pay for themselves), so Dark Hole isn't that powerful anymore. Despite that, I love it being semi-limited. Destruction galore!

    As for the other cards...

    Super Polymerization deserved to be banned. Fusion Summons are hard to stop as it is, but Super Poly can't be stopped and can even fuse opposing monsters.

    Artifact Moralltach needed to be limited. In one card, you make your opponent go -2 (MST and a face-up card) while you go +1. A very powerful card that can be splashed into basically any deck.

    Dark Strike Fighter was banned for his OTK power, but that only works in dedicated decks. There are other useful Level 7 Synchros that are far more useful, such as BRD and MRD. Idt it would change much if it was unlimited.

    Snatch Steal is a powerful stealing card with no real down-side except that it is an Equip card and not a Normal/Quick-Play Spell. It is very useful, but any Spell destruction card, such as MST, can easily deal with it. I'm fine with it being limited.

    Goyo Guardian didn't make a huge impact in the meta when it was limited, and I think the same will be true at semi and unlimited. The current meta can deal with him easily.

    Hieratic Seal of Convocation being semi-limited makes sense, as most meta decks these days have massive search power. I honestly don't think we'll see more Hieratics, because the real reason they were op was bc of Super Rejuvenation.

    The rest idrc about.

    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014 SevenDeadlySins_Sig

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    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014 Empty Re: oppinions on the new banlist for 2014

    Post by HAIR on Thu Dec 18, 2014 7:07 pm

    My biggest comment is on Super Polymerization. And as far as it goes(at least in mind) it's more then a bit OP.

    So I agree on its Banning

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    oppinions on the new banlist for 2014 Empty Re: oppinions on the new banlist for 2014

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