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    Deck Posting Rules Empty Deck Posting Rules

    Post by MnRebel27 on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:23 pm

    When posting a deck, provide an image link and a deck list with proper capitalization.  Select the most uncommon card in the deck before taking the screenshot. Separate the list into the following sections: Monsters; Spells; Traps; Extra Deck.  Organize cards alphabetically.  Monsters in the Main should also be organized numerically (level) from highest to lowest, while monsters in the Extra Deck should be organized lowest to highest instead.  Include the total number of cards in each section.  The Side Deck is not necessary as it should constantly change with the meta, but feel free to post it.

    Check out the example to get an idea of how a finished deck list should look.  Copy and paste the skeleton, including the code, for a quick start.


    UDA Scrap

    Monsters (21)
    1 Scrap Breaker
    2 Scrap Golem
    1 Scrap Soldier
    2 Scrap Beast
    3 Scrap Chimera
    2 Scrap Orthros
    1 Scrap Shark
    2 Scrap Goblin
    1 Scrap Worm
    2 Meklord Emperor Granel
    1 Scrap Mind Reader
    3 Scrap Searcher

    Spells (16)
    1 Dark Hole
    1 Foolish Burial
    2 Lightning Vortex
    3 Mystical Space Typhoon
    1 Scapegoat
    2 Scrap Lube
    1 Scrap Sheen
    3 Scrapstorm
    2 Scrapyard

    Traps (3)
    3 Royal Decree

    Extra Deck (15)
    1 Armory Arm
    1 Ally of Justice Catastor
    1 T.G. Hyper Librarian
    1 Iron Chain Dragon
    1 Naturia Barkion
    1 Black Rose Dragon
    3 Scrap Dragon
    1 Stardust Dragon
    2 Scrap Twin Dragon
    1 Mist Wurm
    1 Atomic Scrap Dragon
    1 Number 39: Utopia


    [center]<a href="img_link"><img src="img_link" alt="Deck_Name" height=75% width=75% /></a>[/center]

    Monsters (Total)
    3 Unnamed Monsters

    Spells (Total)
    1 Powerful Spell

    Traps (Total)
    2 Tricky Traps

    Extra Deck (Total)
    (Group by type - ie all Fusions together, all Xyzs together, all Synchros together.  Delete this text.)
    1 Level 3 Synchro
    1 Level 4 Synchro
    1 Rank 4 Xyz

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