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    cyber dragon deck


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    cyber dragon deck Empty cyber dragon deck

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:13 am

    Okay so im needing help with my cyber dragon deck i tend to take it with me when ever i go to the tournaments that are weekly held in the town near my hometown but the problem is that every time i get to the second round i am often taken out by a madolchi deck yeah i know pathetic a cyber dragon deck loseing to a madolchi deck that ust be a crappy deck build yeah well talk all you want about it im able to take down a spellbook deck shaddoll and dantes inferno deck that i often for some reason go up against but anyways i would like someone suggestions on how to change my deck i am honestly thinking about taking out my scapegoat card since i dont think it will help much but anyway here is my cyber dragon deck build any suggestions for cards to add, take out, or anything else is welcomed.

    cyber dragon x3
    cyber dragon core x3
    cyber dragon zwei x2
    cyber dragon drei x3
    cyber valley x2
    solar wind jammer x2
    the light hex sealed fusion x2
    belive it or not i use to and i think i need to replace them for had a jinzo and blast sphere where hex sealed is
    honest x1
    cyber eltanin x2

    dark hole x1
    i used to have a mst in place of this card and think i should once again
    scapegoat x1
    same as dark hole i used to have a mst in place of this card and think i should once again
    pot of duality x1
    same as scapegoat and dark hole
    power bond x3
    machine duplication x2
    cyber repair plant x3
    limiter removal x1

    cyber network x3
    mirror force x1
    magic cylinder x1
    i used to have a starlight road but decided to take it out
    bottomless trap hole x1
    reckless greed x2
    i used to have two wabokus in place of reckless greed but i decided to go with reckless greed for draw power

    extra deck-15
    chimeratech overdragon x1
    cyber end dragon x1
    cyber dragon nova x2
    chimeratech fortress dragon x1
    cyber twin dragon x3
    starliege paladynamo x1
    number 39 utopia x1
    number 50 blackship of corn x1
    constellar pleiades x1
    number 17 leviathen dragon
    leviair the sea dragon x1
    number 20 giga-brilliant x1

    I honestly want to try and get a tuner monster or two that will work with my deck so i can finally put in my red dragon archfiend, stardust dragon, and black winged dragon into my extra deck for this deck i orignally had my road synchron in it with road warrior in my extra but i decided that it wasnt good enough to keep in my deck so i took road synchron out sadly that also included my road warrior going bye bye so if you have any suggestions they are welcomed as long as suggestions for what to take out of or add to my deck just please not i would like to keep it at least between 40 to 45 cards preferably 40 cards if possible

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    cyber dragon deck Empty Re: cyber dragon deck

    Post by HAIR on Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:43 pm

    My best advice is research those decks you have a habit of running into via this site- http://yugioh.wikia.com/

    As for the tuners I'd have to know which ones you have before I could help

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