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    blue eyes deck mock 2 please help me if you can


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    blue eyes deck mock 2 please help me if you can

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Thu May 08, 2014 10:35 am

    please help me make suggstions tell me what cards to take out what cards to replace if you will be kind enough i prefere decks i run to be between 40 and 47 at the most typically 45 not inclueding side or extra so here is what i have so far for this deck

    Blue Eyes White Dragon x3
    Maiden with Eyes of Blue x3
    The White Stone of Legend x3
    Rider of the Storm Winds x1
    Kaibaman x1
    Darkstorm Dragon x1
    king of the swamps x1
    Divine Dragon Apocralyph x1
    Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1
    black luster soilder envoy of the begining x1
    Darkflare dragon x1
    alexandrite dragon x2
    luster dragon x2
    masked dragon x2
    prime material dragon x1
    vanguard of the dragon x1
    vice dragon x1
    summoner monk x1
    flamvell guard x1
    mirage dragon x1
    herald of creation x2
    shining angel x1
    cyber valle x2
    Cards of Consonance x1
    dark hole x1
    mystical space typhoon x1
    book of moon x1
    wingbeat of a giant dragon x1
    ancient rules
    dragonic tactic x2
    stamping destruction x1
    wonder wand x1
    polymerization x1
    dragons mirror x1
    super poly x1
    Dragon Shrine x1
    Silver's Cry x1
    Burst Stream of Destruction x1
    Castle of Dragonic Souls x1
    mirror force x1
    compulsory evacuation device x1
    dimensional prison x1
    torential tribute x1
    dragon’s rebirth x1
    justi-break x2
    birthright x1

    Blue eyes ultimate dragon x1
    Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon x1
    Five-Headed Dragon x1
    Gimmick Puppet of Strings x1

    and im thinking about throwing in the hex seal stone for the light monsters cant rember its name sorry

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    Re: blue eyes deck mock 2 please help me if you can

    Post by Arab9001 on Sun May 11, 2014 6:48 pm


    Ok, Blue eyes is a deck made for consistancy.

    U NEED 43 max with a deck like this. PLUS It has to depend on what kind of build you are going for... Chaos, Normal, Regular, Maiden Rulers, Ritual Eyes

    Kaibaman x1 ~~~~~ Blue eyes is going to be in grave no matter what. Plus he is not needed making your hand -1

    king of the swamps x1- Dont run Poly. only Dragon's mirror of you even want to do the fusion version, which is not really recommended

    Divine Dragon Apocralyph x1~~~ Not really Necessary. Better cards to get blue eyes from hand/deck/grave

    Darkflare dragon x1~~~No. Unless you are trying the chaos build. Then just run 1

    alexandrite dragon x2~~~~~No need. Better cards than Vanilla type (Unless using rescue Rabbit)
    luster dragon x2~~ See Alexandrite Dragon

    masked dragon x2~~Hmmm.. No. White stone should be discarded or tuned up. Not really needed b/c Disaster Dragon egg turbo is dead with REDMD at 1

    prime material dragon x1~~~Not really needed. Good protection, but AZURE-EYES SILVER DRAGON is much better

    vanguard of the dragon x1~~~ SEE Divine Dragon Apocralyph

    vice dragon x1~~~~Negative. No need for a Cyber dragon type. Maiden>all

    summoner monk x1~~~Goes -1 with spells that you really need

    mirage dragon x1~~~See Prime Material Dragon
    herald of creation x2 ~~~ See Divine Dragon Aproclaype (Plus Divine is better doe... he is dragon after all)

    cyber valle x2~~~No. You got better Draws than this. And better defense

    ancient rules~~See KaibaMan

    dragonic tactic x2~~Unless this is HJiretic Build, then not really. See Divine Dragon Apocralype

    wonder wand x1~~Really Your choice. I hate this card as i can run better and dont need to lose my normal summon. Id rather synchro but to each his own

    polymerization x1~~See King of Swamps
    dragons mirror x1`~Fusion build only
    super poly x1~~~PSSH> ONLY IN MIRROR. Or agains hiretic rulers....Not really needed

    Burst Stream of Destruction x1~~~Already have Dark Hole

    dragon’s rebirth x1~~umm not even good in chaos build. Not needed

    justi-break x2~~Mirror Force too stronk

    birthright x1~~Got Catlse Soul/COTH/Maiden/Silver/Azure

    Rather There is better cards. (FEW I CAN THINK OF)

    hieratic dragon of nuit~~Like Maiden, But Blue eyes goes to 0/0.

    Bright Star Dragon~~~ Greater Targets for Maiden for that level 7 synchro plays or Star EAter or even just to get another blue eyes.

    Forbidden Lance x2 ~~~~~Great target for maiden or protection
    Forbidden Chalice x2~~~See Forbidden lance

    Trade in x3~~~Draw Fodder
    Cards of Consencene at 3.~~~See Trade in. Blue gets Blue eyes so +1

    Dragon shrine X2 ~~Good for milling Bleye eyes and stone. Or chaos builds....


    MST AT 2 OR 3!!!!

    Wingbeat x1. But its not really needed

    Silver's Cry x3 MONSTER REBOrN ON CRACK

    Kaiser Colleseum~~~x1-3. While you have maiden, your opponendd cant summon more monster than you.

    one for one x1 ~~~Dont have to play. But good synergy to get maiden in dead hands

    Extra Deck is Up to you but Azure should be at 3 or 2min.

    Fusion is really not needed unless you want it

    Rank 8's are good. Plus level 5's and 7 syncrho.  Rank 4's are good outs.

    RANK 8's

    Overlord Sun Dragon x1 or 2 (Gets rids of cards)
    Thunder end x1 (Dark holes. Good combo with azure)
    Gimmick (either one) at x1- Number 15 is better. Gets rids of annyoing ss or xyz monsters

    Felgrand at 2 (Best rank 8 ever.... so far)
    Shirna (New one for sylvans. Free compulse really and 3300 def)

    Rank 4's
    Emeralx1 (Mini pot of averave/ blue eyes ss)
    Dragun Queen x1 (Blue eyes ss/ attack protecton... Emeral better)
    Number 101x1
    Excitoion Evilswarm Knightx1
    Any good rank 4's but not much keed at 3 or 4 in extra deck

    Azure Eyes is amazing x3 or x2
    Star EAterx1
    Acient eclipes Wyvernx1
    black Rose x1
    ally of Justice Catastor
    Armedes (the level 5 synchro that is like acient gears when attacking/attacked)

    anything else i missed PM me or respnd on here.


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