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    anti-evilswarm blue-eyes deck


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    anti-evilswarm blue-eyes deck Empty anti-evilswarm blue-eyes deck

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:19 pm

    okay i am thinking of upgrading my current blue-eyes deck so you can see it here is my blue-eyes deck the reason i am upgrading it is so it is not so weak against evilswarm every week i go to the tournament in my town and each week i keep losing the first game because of evilswarms so to get over this losing streak i have decided to make my blue-eyes deck more anti-evilswarms now i have included a list of cards i am thinking of putting into my side deck incase i ever go up against an evilswarm deck again now i would like some input if you think i should add different cards to my new side deck or if i should take out a card from my deck and put it in my side any help you could give me with making this deck anti-evilswarm would be helpful thanks.

    main deck
    Blue-eyes white dragon
    Blue-eyes white dragon
    Blue-eyes white dragon
    dragonic tactics
    dragonic tactics
    threatening roar
    vanguard of the dragon
    dragon mirror
    super polymerization
    call of the haunted
    call of the haunted
    call of the haunted
    burst stream of destruction
    burst stream of destruction
    mage power
    black pendant
    ancient rules
    mirror force
    maiden with eyes of blue
    the white stone of legend
    the white stone of legend
    kaiser sea horse
    kaiser sea horse
    lord of d.
    the flute of summoning dragons
    dragon shrine
    silver’s cry
    stamping destruction
    a wingbeat of giant dragon
    cards of consonance
    one for one
    castle of dragon souls
    black luster soilder
    the light hex sealed fusion
    deep diver
    light of redemption
    blue-eyes shining dragon
    shooting star bow ceal
    twin swords of flashing light - tryce

    extra deck
    azure silver eyed dragon
    black winged dragon
    light end dragon
    blue-eyes ultimate dragon
    dragon master knight
    five headed dragon

    Future side deck
    shadow-imprisoning mirror
    consecrated light
    skill drain
    angel 07
    forbidden chalice
    luminous soldier
    mystical fairy elfuria
    rivalry of warlords
    D. tribe

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    anti-evilswarm blue-eyes deck Empty Re: anti-evilswarm blue-eyes deck

    Post by MnRebel27 on Mon Mar 17, 2014 6:09 pm

    To get my perfectionism out of the way - please use capitals and punctuation when making a large post.  The normal format for posting multiple of one card in a deck list is "CardName x#", i.e. "Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3".  Also, organize the list so that Monsters, Spells, and Traps are separate.  This will help make it easier for everyone to edit. I should probably make a rules post for that...

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