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    Old Rule- Character Log


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    Old Rule- Character Log

    Post by HAIR on Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:35 pm

    Ok sorry for the delay on this but I wanted to figure this out but a New Rule is being added to the RP section. A single member can only have control of 2 RP characters.

    This Topic will be the Part 2 for the RP Character lists

    This is only for those that have 2 or more Characters, to ether cut them down to 2 or to have a final say on which ones they want

    If you are one of these people Please post the Profiles in this Topic

    While Posting please keep this in mind to buy a new character/ new ability one must purchase it from the RP store-


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    Re: Old Rule- Character Log

    Post by GameDesigner on Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:50 pm

    Alright then, I'll get rid of Girafo, since he is no longer needed. Here's my characters, then.


    Name- Yendys Namleda

    Nick Name- None

    Age- 15

    Birth Year- 1997

    Sexual Orientation- Straight

    Birthday- October 10th

    Deck Name- Primary Deck: Sworn to the Light
    Secondary Decks, in order of use: Rituals of Water, Symphony of Djinns, Samurai Army

    Hair color- Brown

    Eye color- Hazel

    Weight- 175

    Height- 5 feet 9 inches

    Body type- average

    Distinguishing Markings- lightning bolt scar on knuckle of pointer finger on right hand, wooden staff on back

    Dress Style- Maroon, Black, or Tan collar shirt, cargo shorts

    Quirks- must fiddle with something when bored or walking, can be quick to aggravate

    Likes- Video games, chicken Parmesan, swimming

    Dislikes- Being rushed, being around lots of people, him or his friends getting hurt

    Strengths- Good at seeing strategies no one else could see, swimming long distances, sprinting

    Weaknesses- Hard to work when rushed, will try to protect those in danger by endangering himself, especially his friends, doesn't work well with most people

    Family- Brother, Mom, Dad (this is his known family...)

    Personal History- Yendys was a normal kid, just like anyone else. Then, in 7th grade, as he was walking home, he was ambushed by the local bullies. But before anything else could happen, a man swooped in and rescued him. The mysterious man refused any kind of payment for the rescue, and asked only this: that Yendys take a Duel Disk and a Duel Monsters deck, which Yendys accepted. The man left with the words, "If you're ever in danger, put the deck in the disk and duel." Yendys never saw the man again. That time next year, all the kids in school were into Duel Monsters, and Yendys was the top duelist of the school. Yendys's parents agreed to send Yendys to United Duel Academy, and Yendys left the next week with his pet phoenix, Emag. No one realized that Neb, Yendys's brother, sneaked onto the boat. Yendys and Neb, who was soon discovered, had a great time on UDA until it closed for reasons unbeknownst to them, so they went home. There, Yendys put his deck he used at UDA away, and took his other four decks and put them in his jacket. Now, Yendys is on a boat heading to Phoenix (after making sure Neb didn't sneak along again), where he hopes he can have an even better experience than at UDA.

    Duel Spirit- Ma'at

    Spirit's Personality- Kind-hearted, wise

    History with spirit- Ma'at was in that very first deck Yendys ever received. At first, Yendys didn't use him much, but when Yendys was forced into a tight spot, he summoned Ma'at using Alexandrite Dragon and Spirit of the Harp, with Ma'at's effect working perfectly, giving him the advantage necessary to win. Ever since, Ma'at is always ready to help Yendys, no matter what deck he's using, and their bond grows ever-stronger.

    Spirit's nick names- Peacekeeper, Spirit of the Millennium Items (by a few)

    Pets- Emag (eagle)



    Name- Sophia Namleda

    Nick Name- Sophi, Phia

    Age- 14

    Birth Year- 1998

    Sexual Orientation- Straight

    Birthday- April 13th

    Deck Name- Psychics of Gusto

    Hair color- Brown

    Eye color- Hazel

    Weight- 126

    Height- 5 feet 4 inches

    Body type- fit

    Distinguishing Markings- faint Eye of Horus mark on her lower leg

    Dress Style- Green, button-down long sleeve shirt, purple jeans

    Quirks- tends to be shy until she gets to know someone, at which point she talks a little too much; tends to correct people's grammar

    Likes- her older brother, reading, correcting grammar

    Dislikes- bullies, seeing her family or friends get hurt, mints

    Strengths- making friends, dueling, convincing people to help (only if necessary)

    Weaknesses- food, people in danger, hurt people

    Family- Yendys (older brother), Neb (younger brother), mom, dad, aunt (mom's side) (known family)

    Personal History- Sophia was born when Yendys was only two, and exhibited psychic powers by her first birthday. Her parents considered her a freak and sent her to live with her aunt, where she was raised. At the age of 7, she was sent off to a boarding school, where she met her older brother, Yendys, who was 8. They didn't realize they were siblings until they learned each other's last name. From then on, they were good friends, with Sophia adoring her older brother. They stayed close until Yendys was sent to UDA, when they lost contact. Now, Sophia's old enough to go to a duel academy, and she heard that Yendys is attending PDA, so she heads to PDA with her purple Duel Disk and her Windy Psychic deck toward PDA using her psychic powers to float herself across the ocean.

    Duel Spirits- Winda, Priestess of Gusto, and Musto, Oracle of Gusto

    Spirits' Personality- Winda: Smart, calm and collected; Musto: Wise, slightly impulsive

    History with spirit- Winda and Musto were in the Windy Psychics deck she received from Yendys when they met. They sensed her psychic power and soon revealed themselves to her. Now, she uses them often in her duels.

    Spirit's nick names- Protectors of Gusto

    Pets- None

    Room -

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