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    Post by houndthrow12345 on Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:48 pm

    so dont know if this belongs in this area but anyways on to the message.

    all right in celebration of halloween ive decided to post this you can post any halloween stories wether they be scary or not scary fiction or non fition its up to you. if you find a storie online that you think everyone should hear then post it. it does not have to be halloween related if it is a scary storie. if you find a storie online then make shure you post the site you found it on so we who like it can look for other stories.you do not have to post a story if you dont want to you can comment or you can post a storie or even both. so its up to you so here is a storie that i found online.

    McDonald's Secret   Edit    Comments3 14,569PAGES ON
    DiamondzarebrightAdded by Diamondzarebright
    Ah, fast food places, I love them, don't you? Well, all of them but Mc. Donalds. Why you might ask? Well, this is the story. Be warned, this may scare you a lot.
    So one day I was hanging out with my friends at my house, playing Left 4 Dead 2 together. I had two friends, but I'm not telling you their names for safety reasons. Anyway, back to the story. So, we were playing around, killing zombies, until soon we got bored. So, to satisfy ourselves, we went to the Steam Workshop, looking for some new maps. We always loved classic maps that are realistic, so we looked up survival maps. We heard about a Mc. Donald's map, but we never heard if it was from Left 4 Dead Mods or the Steam Workshop. We don't make accounts on stuff like that, so we only searched on Steam.
    We typed it in, but found nothing. So we just got off and played COD Black Ops 2. After a few hours, they left. (If you were wondering, my parents were home at this part).

    After a few weeks, we were hanging out again, but at my second friend's house. His parents weren't home, and he said we should play Left 4 Dead 2. He said that he had downloaded some mods from the workshop. So, we did play it. We had fun, until we finished No Mercy. I said that I was bored, and we should look around the workshop. So we did, but this is when it all started.

    We were searching around, until we actually DID find a Mc. Donald's map. We thought it was just released, so we checked it out. We clicked it, and the picture was so realistic. It looked as if someone took a picture of the real Mc. Donald's, except there was blood on the walls. We didn't find it terrifying, since this was a map for a zombie game.

    The only strange thing was... almost everything. First of all, the description was empty. Second, there were no pictures but the one of Mc. Donald's. Third, the creator was Mc. Donald. But his picture... it was Donald, but he had a knife, and blood was on his face. And he looked very happy, but in a creepy way, unlike the way he usually does. His smile looked like Jeff The Killer's smile. But the creepiest thing was... the date.

    All it said was 2010, which WAS the date Mc. Donald's was made ( I am not sure though ). We all looked at each other. I could see we all were thinking the same thing; Download it. We clicked subscribe, and the computer froze. We turned it off and back on.

    We opened Left 4 Dead 2, and saw a few things wrong. First of all, the background wasn't zombies staggering around. It was Mc. Donalds. The second thing that was off was, all the addons were gone except Mc. Donalds. We got freaked out, but kept playing. We did survival and we played Mc. Donalds all together. We spawned in front of Mc. Donald's. We went inside, and saw there were no weapons. In fact, just then we noticed we didn't have any health kits, pills, or weapons to begin with. We were all even more freaked out than before. We went inside, to find actual edible burgers. Kind of like the bread in DeathCraft II. We left the food there. It looked like the Burger Tank map. The sky was clear. We looked around for a way to start the timer.

    After five minutes of searching, we found that it was by eating a burger. Once the timer started, the sound that usually plays didn't play. Also, the music was a... creepy tone. We all heard a sound. Footsteps. We looked at our screens and went to the kitchen. We looked at each other. We were all terrified. We looked at the door that went to the kitchen, which we were in. The footsteps grew closer.

    We looked at the stoves around the room, and almost peed ourselves. On the big stove, there was a human head. Not with the normal graphics L4D2 normally has, it was so... realistic. We saw two other stoves right next to it. Realistic heads were on those two too. After a few seconds, we saw something familiar about the heads. We realized they were OUR heads. Just as we realized it, the door opened, and a very realistic Mc. Donald was right there. We all screamed. He came closer to us, with a knife in his hand. We just now noticed that we didn't have a NPC as the fourth person. In fact, we didn't have ANY fourth player. We slammed at the keyboards, but we couldn't move our players. He instantly killed my first friend first. Then my second friend. Finally, he killed me. It didn't say YOU ARE DEAD as usual, it said: YoU LoSt.

    The game instantly closed. We looked at each other, and we were just horrified. We talked about what just happened. None of us really understood at all. So, we all just left his house and went home.

    When we went back home, I was tired, and it was 10:30. But, my mom and dad weren't home. I went to bed, but I barely got any sleep. All night, I just thought about that experience. after a while of staying awake, I looked at the clock. 2:12 AM. At about 4:00 I finally got to sleep.

    A month later, we were hanging out again. We decided to go to Mc. Donald's, despite the experience we had. The reason why we didn't go anywhere else was... well... for some strange reason, almost everywhere was closed but Mc. Donalds. So, we drove over there. We looked at the entrance. It said OPEN, but the lights were all off. We walked in, and saw that it was really dark. My friend pulled out his phone and used it for light. We walked around.

    "This is a ghost town," I said. They both agreed. We looked around. My second friend saw a hamburger on a table. He said "Guys, look. Free food!" We walked over to him, but he had already ate it. I was about to say something, but I heard footsteps. By the looks of their faces, my friends  heard it too. "In the kitchen! It might be safe there!" said my first friend. I tried the door, but it was locked, so we went in the kitchen. We ran to the wall. The footsteps grew closer

    "Uh... guys... Doesn't this seem a little like what happened on Left 4 Dead?" I asked. We looked at each other, but just as we did, the door opened. There he stood, Mc. Donald. He had a knife in his hand. We all were shocked and terrified. So terrified we couldn't even move. He walked to our first friend.


    He chopped his head off. He grabbed his head and put it on the first stove.  He turned it on, and looked at my second friend. As he approached, I heard something. It sounded like... a beeping noise... no, a siren... no, a police siren!

    The horrifying clown turned around to see police cars. Me and my friend both smiled with glee. We looked at each other, smiling. I screamed as a knife went through his head, from the back to the front. He fell down, and now I was facing a horrifying looking Donald. He raised his knife.


    He fell down, now I was facing a police officer. I just stared at him. He brought me outside and into a car, and drove me to the police station. Now I'm at my house, watching TV. All of the sudden, one of those horrible Mc. Donald commercials came. Instead of advertising, it showed a bloody Mc. Donald, pointing at the camera. He simply said one sentence:

    I will get my revenge...

    site i found it on: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/McDonald%27s_Secret

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