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    hound mart Decks decks get your decks here!!! Empty hound mart Decks decks get your decks here!!!

    Post by houndthrow12345 on Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:51 am

    I may suck at building decks with cards that i own but trust me when i tell you this these decks will be good and there will always be some type of sell going on besides the one listed. And if you don't have enough points for a deck i am selling then i can always cut you a deal usually paying a quarter of the deck price each month but if you feel up to a challenge then i will hold a match between you and me with it being 2 out of 3 the same rules as the skill duel rules apply and when i say that i am talking about deck wise so those of you who thought that a six Sam deck against me would be good don't and that goes double for you exodia.
    Okay so here is a list of special sells that will be going on.
    October 30:since its Halloween all fiend and spellcaster decks are half priced.
    Thanksgiving:Buy one deck at full price and another at half price then you get a free third deck.
    Honiqua: dont know when this holiday is happening but if im correct then all 7 days of it all decks are half priced
    December 25:all decks are half priced not including any other special sells
    December 30: im felling generous so once again all decks half priced
    December 31: buy two decks get a third free.

    Now i will have more sells posted later on but for right now that's all i have.
    NOTE*First 10 customers that pay full price for decks will be able to get a second one free but of course the deck must be equal to the price of the first deck or below the price in order for it to be free.
    (All special sells if free deck is involved or a second one half price the deck must be the same price or below to get it half priced. also there will be decks that are not able to be paid a quarter of the deck each month.)
    I will post the more decks as soon as i get my computer to unblock dn.
    I do take request for decks if its not on the list of decks.
    Also I will have a Tournament held each last Saturday of the month so the first one coming up will be on october 26 the reason not sooner is because the last saturday of this month i am busy. i will post if the tournament is canceled for the date i set for any tournament. Unless if specified the prizes will be listed as followed.
    1 place:two free decks and one half priced (does not matter the cost)
    2 place:a free deck and one half priced (does not matter the cost)
    3 place:a free deck
    4 place: a half priced deck
    All entry's for any tournament i hold will have to be posted before Friday of the day i am holding it the bracket will go up as soon as i made them for the tournaments they will be posted straight after. also no otk ftk exodia meta anti-meta or exodia will be accepted for the tournament.
    Entry form
    Name on here
    Name on dn
    Deck being used
    Time that will most likely be on that day

    I will not be participating in the tournaments.
    I also have a few rules:
    1.If you buy it no getting a refund
    2.no looking at the deck if you dont pay for it before hand that is
    3.i will never send you the full deck on the deals that im doing quarter of the price each month you only get a quarter of the deck
    4.i will always send a list of cards not pictures if you want pictures than you have two pay 2 extra points.
    5.you break it you buy it.
    6.dont complain about a deck on my list or else i may start refuseing your services
    7. If i decide to raise the prices i can
    8. I will never raise the deck prices just because i dislike you or you made me mad

    Thats my only rules otherwise have a good time browsing.
    I will have more of my decks posted later on today if i can but for right now im just takeing requests

      Decks that you cant pay a quarter of each month
      Syncrho yubel $10 dp
      Calculator yubel $10 dp
      monk $10 dp
      yubel-The ultimate Nightmare $10 dp
      steelswarm $10 dp
      Ally of justice $10 dp
      Dark justice $10 dp
      Fortune lady $10 dp
      Fortune lady crowed control $10 dp
      Zero fortune $10 dp
      Fortune simorgh $10 dp
      Decks you can pay a quarter for each month
      Non-Boss rush B.E.S. $20 dp
      Frog B.E.S $20 dp
      B.E.S $20 dp
      Venom $20 dp
      Cloudian Quaser $20 dp
      Cloudian $20 dp
      Venom $20 dp
      Mist Valley $20 dp
      Ice Barrier $20 dp
      General Rush $20 dp
      Herro Barrier $20 dp
      Destiny Barriers $20 dp
      Spell Barriers $20 dp
      Offensive x-saber $20 dp
      Control x-saber $20 dp
      X-saber $20 dp
      flamvell $20 dp
      volcanic flamvell $20 dp
      Zombievell $20 dp
      Flamval $20 dp
      worm $20 dp
      Dragunity $20 dp
      classic dragunity $20 dp
      dragunity rider $20 dp
      atum dragunity $20 dp
      dark scorpion $20 dp

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