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    Dado622's introduction to yu-gi-oh


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    Dado622's introduction to yu-gi-oh

    Post by dado622 on Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:04 pm

    I was like 8 years old. I went to my cousin's house , it was my birthday. Then i saw a pile of blue cards and a pile of red cards. My cousin gave me the blue pile as a gift and told me those are yu-gi-oh cards. He taught me how to play and year after year i had more cards and i was becoming better. Then 1 day , my parents were sick of me playing YU-GI-OH SO my mom threw some of my cards in the trash. Then once,i took my water deck ( the pile in blue was a water deck ) to a tim Horton.( its the same as Starbucks but only in canada) Me and my friends met their and started playing YU-GI-OH . Then when we came home i eralised i have left my cards there , i went back to look they wern't there anymore. So i lost hope and i stopped playing YU-GI-OH . Then like 2-3years later i discovered dn , and that what brought me back to the game. I could finally use all the cards that i wanted.

    That how i became what i am at YU-GI-OH

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