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    Her Hard Life



    Her Hard Life

    Post by Guest on Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:11 pm

    Just a tribute to my favorite character.

    In the city of Konoha, one of the building caught everyone's attention. It was the tallest building in the city, and on top of it was a large white ball. The building was known as Byakugan Corps and the people there were elites of the city. Most of them were, that is.

    A girl with dark blue hair and white eyes sat on the street corner, with a box and a puppy next to her. The was supposed to be a heir but then her father cast her aside and threw her onto the streets.

    She shivered. The day was very cold. She had received enough money to give herself a decent life for a while. So she got up and started trudging to her home.

    Along the way, she bumped into someone. Looking up, she saw he had blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

    "I am sorry." she whispered

    "No problem. I am Naruto Uzumaki. You?"

    "Hinata...Hyuga." she whispered

    As soon as he handed her the stuff she dropped, she ran away.

    (At Byakugan Corps)

    "Thanks dad." Hanabi Hyuga said "What happened to my older sister?"

    At these words, Hiashi Hyuga tensed

    "I disowned her so you could inherit this company when I pass away

    "Dad." Hanabi said "You're an idiot."

    And with that, she stormed out of the room. Neji Hyuga, the third person in the room, raised an eyebrow.


    "Neji, would you help me bring Hinata back?" Hanabi asked

    "No." Neji stated bluntly "She is better off if she never returns. Trust me, in this company where people are at each other's throats, she'll never be happy."

    (Hinata's home)

    Naruto barged in, literally. Hinata looked up from the painting she was making. Naruto's eyes widened when he found that he was staring at....himself.

    "A...ano...." Hinata said


    Oh yeah, oh God yeah!

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    Re: Her Hard Life

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    Me likey! Definitely describes Hinata well.


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