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    Dueling Terms Empty Dueling Terms

    Post by HAIR on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:11 am


    Aggro- a fast paced deck type, that usually has elements of a beatdown and

    control deck to help do damage when your monster attacks are blocked

    Anti-meta- a deck type that is used to counter act the most popular deck

    types, they mostly deal in preventing special summons or removing from

    play since most meta can`t function with their cards removed from play or

    without the ability to special summon

    Banish- originally called remove from play or RFP, this is used to describe

    when a card is removed from the duel by another card effect and can not re-

    enter the duel unless by another card effect

    Beatdown- one of the oldest deck types using high Atk monsters to

    overpower your opponent, the goal is to force your opponents monsters into

    defense aswell as destroy their monsters and life points as fast as possible

    Bounce- a deck type or name of an effect that returns cards to the hand

    Burn- a deck type or name of an effect that inflicts direct or effect damage to

    your opponents life points

    Chaos- a deck type that is split between light and dark monsters, sometimes

    called Twilight, aswell as a name of a monster that needs a dark and light

    monster to be banished from their grave as summoning requirements

    Deck Out- when one loses by having no cards to draw from thier deck ether

    during a draw phase or when are told as part of an effect

    First Turn Kill- a One Turn Kill but is able to meet its requirements for use on

    your very first turn of the duel

    Instant Win Condition- a deck type or group of cards whose goal is to win

    outside of normal means(opponents life points dropping to zero or winning

    by deck out), list of instant wins- Exodia, Exodius, Final Countdown, Destiny

    Board, Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes, Last Turn, The Creator God of Light,

    Horakhty; Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo

    Spin- a deck type or name of an effect that returns cards to the deck

    Stall- a deck type or name of an effect that helps slow or prevent your

    opponent from attacking or doing damage

    Swarm- a type of deck or effect that puts a bunch of monsters on the field

    quickly to overwhelm your opponent

    Toolbox- a type of deck or effect that lets you search monsters to help in a

    specific situation

    Top- Decking- is when you have no cards in your hand or at times on the field

    so every card drawn becomes potentially crucial, this is sometimes called

    "Believing in the Heart of the Cards"

    Lingering Effect- is an effect that resolves after the card itself has been

    played and sent to the graveyard

    Lockdown- a deck type or certian situation in whitch one player has lost

    partial or complete control of their field ,or is stuck in a non-progressive loop

    forced to go though the same steps over and over again

    One Turn Kill- a deck type or combo that allows a player to win the duel in a

    single turn, as soon as your have the cards you need and control over the

    duel, here`s whats needed- 1. to be able to drop your opponents life points

    to 0 or to fulfill a Instant Win Condition in one turn, 2. needs to be made up

    of 4 or less cards, 3. is having the correct deck format (Advanced or


    Macro- a deck type that revolves heavily around removing from play cards

    on the field

    Metagame- or Meta for short are deck types that are most popular in a

    certian area , and are among the most used deck designs

    Mill- a deck type or effect that centers around making your opponent discard

    contents of their deck to the grave ideally resulting in a deck out, in OCG its

    referred to as Dekki Hakai or Deck Destruction

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