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    M vs MPL (fan fic for me) but feel free to read XD


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    M vs MPL (fan fic for me) but feel free to read XD

    Post by RainbowFlash on Fri May 10, 2013 3:55 pm

    ( I maid this fan fic for my self if you want to know more about the M person just p.m she's off a death note Fan ficish I maid for a frined M=ME btw)

    and YHead up it's a My Little Pony Fan fic so if you do not like MLP please leave and please no hate I mena I'm not hateing so why should you? Smile

    As I open my eyes I see a figure standing over me. “ o Thank gosh she’s coming to. Quick Spike so get a Doctor!” I heard Someone Run and thin the same figure talking more. “Hello... Can you hear me?” She Asked. I say she because it sounded like a Girl....I gotta say even tho I did not were I was and Seemed Like I was injured...I felt dare I say..safe and in a happy environment which I knew I was not in a E.R which I think cause I hate them but thats not the point. I started to see the figure that was talking I started to wonder...what the F**k is going on...I thought someone drugged. I jumped and said. “what the hell?!” The Figure said. “Hey What's wrong!?” “you're...You're a poney!” I yelled shocked. “yes I am Twilight sparkle” She said. “is this really shocking to you?” thin I thought that the last case I did was with a kid that found a book that kills people and tried to become god...so in this moment...not that bad...but still poneys... “now that I think about my past. I saw this one coming...” “GOOD!” she replayed. because We need your help. “we?” I asked thin...Get this. A baby Dragon comes in with another poney. now this one seems grown up and is a doctor. After examining me he could not tell if I was ok or on the brink of death scenes..well he’s use to poneys. so I told him i was fine and he went on his way. “so” the dragan said. “this is what a human looks like?” “you never seens a human befor?” I asked. “Humans aren't common in this world. Infact you're the only human in this world.” she went on to say. “so why em I haer?” I asked. “well...the elements of harmony went missing which is what keeps this land of ares in order. so I used a spell to summon the grated detective in the whole universe!” She said in a happy upbeat tone. all I could ask myself is how are we speaking the same langel....but seeing the fact that poneys are talking...I’m not going to think too hard on it..but as soon as she said the best EVER I had no other option but to help her...beside is I anger her she could send me to my death I just know it. “fine I will help...but I need the following

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