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    The Forest


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    The Forest

    Post by HAIR on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:44 pm

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    The peaceful woods out back

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    Re: The Forest

    Post by GameDesigner on Wed Jan 28, 2015 8:05 pm

    Deep under the forest, through the entrance in the apple tree, a fierce duel was taking place between Fran Ken and Yendys.
    -Duel review-
    *unknown turn #, Fran Ken's turn*
    [Fran Ken's field - 4500 LP]
    Isolde, Belle of the Underworld and Zombie Master, both in Attack Position;
    two face-down spell/trap cards, and Zombie World field spell
    [Yendys's field - 5700 LP]
    Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon in Attack, Shire, Lightsworn Spirit and Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner in Defense
    two face-down spell/trap cards and Kaiser Colosseum

    Fran Ken grins, and set his hand on his deck. "My turn," he says. "Draw!" He draws his card and puts it in his hand. "Now, by sending the monster I just drew to the graveyard, I can Special Summon a Zombie from my grave, thanks to Zombie Master! The one I Special Summon is Destiny Hero - Malicious, who is a zombie thanks to my Zombie World field spell!" Malicious appears next to Zombie Master from the ground. "Next," Fran Ken smirks, "I activate Isolde's effect! By targeting herself and Malicious, she can make them both a level between 5 and 8. Naturally, I pick level 8! And now that they're level 8, I can build the Overlay Network!" A galaxy-like portal appears on the ground, and Isolde and Malicious transform into beams of light and shoot into it. "Come, ultimate zombie who rises from the pieces of the dead before you! XYZ SUMMON! Come forth, Rank 8, Number 22: Zombiestein!" The ground shakes as Zombiestein rises from the ground in front of Fran Ken, and stands about three stories tall, nearly reaching the height of the cave. "Now," Fran Ken says, grinning like a madman, "Zombiestein attacks Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner!"

    "I activate my Trap Card, Waboku!" Yendys exclaims. "This prevents my monsters from being destroyed by battle, and I take no damage, until the end of the turn." Zombiestein's fist hits Lumina, but she remains on the field.

    Fran Ken growls softly, then says, "I set a card face-down and end my turn.

    Yendys grins. "In that case, it's time for me to end the duel. I draw!" Yendys pulls the top card of his deck and adds it to his hand. After thinking over his move for a bit, he grins. "I activate Lumina's effect! By sending a card from my hand to the grave, I can Special Summon a level 4 or below Lightsworn monster from my graveyard." Yendys sends the card from his hand to the grave, then suddenly Fran Ken shouts, "Not so fast! I activate Zombiestein's effect! By detaching an Xyz material, discarding a card, and changing him to Defense, I can negate Lumina's effects until the end of the turn." Fran Ken does what he describes as he describes it, and Lumina's effect is nullified.
    Yendys grins. "Alright, then. Time for the real fun to begin. First, I change Lumina to Attack Position. Next, since Ryko, Lyla, Garoth, and Wulf are in the graveyard, I can Special Summon Judgment Dragon! But he won't be around for long, as I Tribute both him, who is a Light Dragon-type, and Shire, who is a Light Fairy-type, in order to Special Summon...this! Come forth, the representation of peace and balance itself! Ma'at, come forth in your shining glory!" Judgment Dragon and Shire begin to glow and merge together, and when the light fades, standing there is Ma'at (0/0 ATK/DEF). "Next, I activate my Trap Card, Fruits of Kozaky's Studies, allowing me to look at the top 3 cards of my deck and put them back in any order." Yendys pulls the three cards from the top of his deck - those being Jain, Lightsworn Paladin, Summoner Monk, and Monster Reincarnation - and puts them back in the same order. "Next, I activate Ma'at's effect! I can declare three card names, and if those cards are on the top three spots of my deck, I get to draw them and Ma'at gets 1000 ATK for each. So, I declare Jain, Lightsworn Paladin, Summoner Monk, and Monster Reincarnation!" Yendys draws the three cards and reveals that they are the ones he declared to Fran Ken, who's steaming with fury as Ma'at's ATK rises to 3000. "Next, I activate Monster Reincarnation, discarding Jain to add Judgment Dragon back to my hand, who I then Special Summon through his effect." Fran Ken is unable to contain himself any longer, and yells, "Surely that must be cheating! Using a card to see the cards that you can then use for Ma'at? That can't be legal!" Yendys grins and counters, "On the contrary, it's the best strategy to use with Ma'at! Now, Battle Phase! Gragonith attacks Zombiestein, with his attack of 2000 boosted by 300 for every Lightsworn monster with a different name in my graveyard. Currently, there is Jain, Ryko, Lyla, Garoth, Wulf, and Shire, so his ATK rises to 3800! Not only that, but compared to Zombiestein's 1000 DEF, it deals 2800 piercing damage!" Gragonith flies across the field and destroys Zombiestein with his claws. Fran Ken grits his teeth as his life points drop to 1700. "Next, Judgment Dragon attacks Zombie Master!" Judgment Dragon shoots a beam of golden light at Zombie Master, creating an explosion which knocks Fran Ken off his feet and brings him down to 500 LP. "Finally, Ma'at attacks for game!" Millennium Rod in hand, Ma'at flies over to Fran Ken and hits him on the head with it, knocking him out and bringing his life points to 0. The holograms disappear, and Fran Ken slowly staggers to his feet.

    Fran Ken glares at Yendys and says, "You may have defeated me and unlocked the entrance to the Labyrinth, but a more dangerous threat awaits you and this academy inside. Have fun..." With that, Fran Ken, twirls and disappears in a cloud of smoke.

    Ma'at's spirit appears behind Yendys and says, "That was a dangerous battle, Yendys. Had that monster been able to destroy Lumina, we'd have been in serious trouble." Yendys grins and says, "Yeah, but we got out of it al...right..." During this last word, Yendys begins to wobble and falls unconscious on the ground. Ma'at sighs, and picks Yendys up from the ground. He looks at the entrance to the Labyrinth and mutters, "I've got a bad feeling about this..." before turning away and carrying Yendys up the inside of the tree and out of the forst, heading towards the academy building.

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